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Recycled Shingles

Pavement Terminology
A roadway is built in several layers: pavement, base, and sometimes subbase. The pavement is the surface layer. Asphalt pavement is usually referred to as asphalt concrete, or AC. The base is made of a layer of aggregate base over a layer of aggregate subbase.

In addition to saving landfill space, the benefits to recycling asphalt shingles in AC include possible economic savings and improved pavement performance.

There may be an immediate economic benefit due to asphalt reclamation. California plants produce fiberglass-based shingles, which are approximately 20 percent asphalt. AC is approximately 6 percent asphalt. So a small percentage of shingles (e.g., 5 percent by weight of aggregate) can displace a large percentage of asphalt binder (approximately 20 percent). Other economic factors include costs to grind the shingles, price of virgin asphalt, and transportation costs.

Pavement Performance
Another benefit may be improved pavement performance. Because the asphalt used in shingles is harder than pavement asphalt, the pavement benefits may include improved resistance to rutting, increased stability, decrease in temperature susceptibility, improved compaction, and improved "rideability" index.

Hot-mix asphalt (HMA) is the most common process to which shingles can be added. Waste shingles are ground and screened to produce 1/2"-minus-size pieces for batch plants, or 1/4"-minus-size pieces for continuous feed plants. The ground shingles are usually fed into and mixed with the aggregate before adding the virgin asphalt binder.


Shingles Being Processed For Use in Asphalt


Shingle Drop Off Information

Payment is expected at the time of drop off, unless previously arranged. If nobody is available at the plant site, please call the office at (573) 636-7121. A shingle processing form will have to be filled out before the shingles are dropped off.

Price Information:

All Loads - $100.00

Additional Charge for Trash - $25.00

Shingle Processing Form